Pattern mashup!

This is a European-style duvet cover that I got at the Value Village on Islington Avenue in February 2022 for $11.49, 100% cotton. (Better yet, the original retailer was La Maison Simons, which is a favourite chain of mine.) One side is a golden-yellow, and the other side is a tweedier but softer gold/white mix. I like the colours and immediately want to use them together in an interesting way. Only a few days later I’ve figured out what I’m aiming for: a yellow sailor dress. I am unreasonably fond of sailor dresses, especially in unconventional colours, and I’ve been inspired by how Sewstine recently knocked it out of the park in this regard with a Simplicity pattern from 1954. I’m aiming for something a little different, but that’s the basic idea. Let’s do it!

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