A good pick for this craft of mine

This is a polyester bedsheet that I bought at the Value Village by Eglinton and Victoria Park in September 2021 for $5.49. Official Minecraft merchandise, with the print featuring diamond pickaxes (and outlines of additional, unspecified pickaxes).

Polyester is usually worthy of an eyeroll, but this was a fun find. I’ve been playing Minecraft since August 2012 – desert temples had just been added – and the only reason I hadn’t jumped in a full three years earlier (i.e. barely after the first public release of the game) was that I watched a good friend with very similar taste in games get super into Minecraft in the summer of 2009. At the time, I still had all of graduate school ahead of me, and wanted to get more of my education out of the way before I gave the game a try lest it eat my life. I have a real penchant for sandbox games, especially those involving resource gathering and light strategy elements. What can I say? I cut my teeth on SimCity 2000, Civilization II, and Caesar III back in the day, and all of those are still entertaining as heck.

I already know what I want to make from this: a dress. Feminine-coded shapes with unexpected/nerdy prints amuse me intensely, which is probably no surprise as I am a female scientist. Here we go!

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