When Plan A goes down the drain

DSCF1003 (4)

This is a dress I got in May 2018 at a Goodwill for $3.50. It’s a very soft cotton/viscose mix, and it could basically be a Halloween costume for a gardener (just add watering-can and yellow plastic hat). Or a kindergarten teacher. I love the print, but I do not love the neckline or the fit. Let’s see what we can do about that. Can I get a dress I like out of this?

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3D puzzle, 19 pieces


I found this at a clothing swap for no charge; it looks like a child’s dress, in jersey cotton. Guessing it’s from Europe, because the lower label with the washing instructions is in Dutch, French, and German. As it is, it’s moderately worn out. Someone has removed the top label with scissors, leaving a couple of holes. The front bottom hem has fallen down. And even after washing, there’s a stain on one of the sleeves, and the other one is a bit faded. Some kid liked this dress a lot. But the fabric hasn’t pilled more than slightly; it’s fine. Ideal!

I don’t often wear blue, but I love the mixed prints in the same colours here; I’m totally up for recombining them into something for myself. I want to make the most out of something that was probably bound for the trash.

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