Straight from the ’60s

Here are a couple of pillowcases that I found at the Bloor/Lansdowne Value Village for a few dollars in March 2017 (the legendary trip I made for a half-off-everything Monday when I kept finding things I would happily have purchased anyway, which culminated in me walking away with an entire garbage-bag of textiles, plus about eight books). One of the pillowcases is slightly ripped, which bothers me not at all. They’re made from a very sturdy woven cotton with large fibres – almost, but not quite, at the tablecloth level. I find the appliqués inspiring. As I remove all the seams from both pillowcases and iron the fabric, I find myself wanting to take advantage of the fact that the appliqués not only match each other, but are each nearly symmetrical around the diagonal. They make me want to show them off in an obvious way.

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